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UniRe – Universal Reservation

Manage shared assets within your company. Thanks to UniRe, booking workstations and other business resources has never been easier.

Unire – Universal Reservation is the ideal tool for managing and monitoring the use of workstations, meeting rooms, cars, parking spaces and all other shared corporate resources, but not only. Particularly, in addition to managing workstations, UniRe also allows you to monitor corporate events and meetings and can be integrated with EnTra.

Software for booking workstations

UniRe is a customizable and tailored portal, which is why it is the ideal solution for:

  • Each type of company (SMEs, multinationals with foreign branches and entrepreneurs)
  • Any type of business (coworking spaces, catering, hospitality, retail, fashion, sports centers, wellness centers, car parks, universities, libraries, space rental and much more).
  • Each type of stakeholder (employees, suppliers and end customers).
Universal Reservation - UniRe 2
Universal Reservation - UniRe 1

A system to manage company resources

UniRe, universal booking app, involves three agents. Firstly, the administrator is responsible for creating the resource map and managing the environment. The administrator can see the reports of the booked resources and analyze the related data and the reports by user, by room and by location and analyze the trends (the most requested resource, the user with the most active bookings, etc.). The second role in UniRe is that of the user, who can be the employee, the customer or an external subject. He can book meeting rooms and other resources made available by the administrator. He can also see if an asset is free, occupied or partially occupied in the period of interest. Finally, the “totem” also contributes to UniRe composition. It is a tablet with Android system positioned next to the bookable resource which informs of its availability, from which reservations can be made directly.

Universal Reservation - UniRe


The software is built on individual companies’ needs, therefore it is fully customizable.
For example:

  • The colors and graphic style can be customized according to your company’s visual identity
  • UniRe can support multiple company offices, in Italy and abroad
  • Each location can have multiple floors, and each floor can have infinite environments.
  • The graphic representation of environments, workstations and shared resources is fully customizable, to best reflect your business.
  • You can decide the days and times of resource availability, without limits
  • The app can be run in the main browsers, smartphones (via the app), tablets and computers.

✓ Companies that operate on shifts

✓ Realities with limited workstations that want to alternate remote working

✓ Companies with organizational needs for shared space management

✓ Corporations that want to grow by prudently modulating investments

For all of you, UniRe – Universal Reservation is the right tool

Download the documentation

Using UniRe, you can manage shared spaces in your company quickly and easily. Please contact us for more information.