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Connections beyond connectivity

We specialize in complex projects, and we have experience in customizing the solutions offered: our team can develop unique products, built especially for your reality, as we did for ICONA. Scalability and flexibility are essential requirements for every company, which is why PLINK has made them the hallmarks of its services.

​ICONA – Officine ICO – Ivrea

ICONA S.r.l. manages the renovation of the Ex-Officine Olivetti spaces and the consequent leasing for startups and companies interested in locating in the area. This will make it possible to bring human activity back to a historical place that has seen the birth and affirmation of a revolutionary way of doing business. The project is extremely relevant from a social point of view, as it is inspired by Olivetti’s enlightened entrepreneurial philosophy.

CASE HISTORY -  ICONA – Officine ICO – Ivrea

The challenges of ICONA

ICONA aims to bring Olivetti industries back to being a cultural, economic and social reference. That, by renovating over 48,000 square meters of buildings in Ivrea. This impressive project requires reliable and scalable telecommunications services, which can guarantee broadband to the already established companies. In addition, quality TelCo services can facilitate new business attraction.

Sharing Olivetti’s humanistic principles, Professional Link was the designated operator to provide connectivity to the entire structure. We have therefore designed a Point of Presence within the former Olivetti area. From here, the PoP will be interconnected to our backbone thanks to diversified fiber optic links and networking equipment in a highly reliable configuration.

This architecture guarantees companies intending to settle in the Ivrea technological center the possibility of using both high-capacity connections and value-added services. In fact, we don’t limit ourselves to providing connectivity services, but we assist ICONA in providing consultancy for its customers: VoIP services in the Cloud, IAAS on public and private clouds (PLINK owns two directly interconnected cloud nodes on its own backbone), applications CTI and managed services are just some of the options available.

A further advantage of the collaboration consists in the rapid activation of the services: in fact, a few days will be enough to activate them, a decidedly reduced timescale compared to the months necessary to activate a dedicated optical fiber. The service will then be monitored by PLINK’s network operating center, which will ensure the correct functioning of the services in end-to-end mode

The results of our collaboration with ICONA

Professional Link fully shares the spirit of the project, which is why its solution initially took charge of set-up costs, allowing ICONA to modulate investments over time, without burdening its development plans. In this way, we facilitate the return of work activities to the Officine Olivetti. ICONA has given our company this possibility; this represents the beginning of a common path that will become a shining example from which to draw inspiration.