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Professional Link enters the cyber security market and introduces NDR

ImpresaCity editorial staff 04-04-2023

The Italian company in the TelCo sector enters the world of information security with a portfolio of services for cyber security in MSP (Managed Service Provider) mode.

In this case, artificial intelligence is put at the service of data protection and exploited to prevent hacker attacks. In fact, PLINK’s solution is an NDR – Network Detection and Response platform developed to accurately and faithfully monitor, in real time, the situation of the entire IT infrastructure of the company.

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Top Trade Informatica

Shop in A Bag: an innovative suite of digital and network connectivity services for retail

Top Trade editorial staff 05-05-2023

Shop in A Bag includes everything stores need in a single solution: it’s a suite of services for the retail world that gets stores up and running in record time.

Professional Link created Shop in A Bag because, for the retail industry, lack of connectivity results in a major loss of revenue and a significant impact on store operations.

Therefore, punctuality is essential: retail companies cannot skip store opening dates. Shop in A Bag is a suite of digital services and network connectivity designed to meet retailers’ challenges in over 180 countries around the world.

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Channel Tech

Professional Link: in the cyber security market with NDR

By Nicola Martello 30-03-2023

PLINK ensures data protection, IT danger prevention and operational continuity of companies in IT security.

Through an innovative solution called NDR (Network Detection and Response), Professional Link offers companies managed cyber security services, providing constant and real-time monitoring of the company’s infrastructure.

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Il Sole 24 Ore

Hence, Eulero’s Graph Theory finds application in companies

By Gianni Rusconi 31-03-2023

Professional Link company uses network technology to foster human relationships. This is thanks to the promotion of well-being in the company through the Eulero Project.

In particular, PLINK’s organizational development is based on an “agreement beyond the contract” between the workers and the company, inspired by the Adriano Olivetti model. The Eulero Project is an organizational model based on an internal collaboration network spread throughout the company and dynamic and interconnected centers of expertise.

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ictBusiness ecosystem

PLINK dive into cybersecurity with monitoring and response services

ICTBusiness editorial staff 27-03-2023

With the innovative Network Detection and Response (NDR) platform, the client benefits from a set of services (a probe and a managed server) to identify, examine and automatically respond to IT threats.

With a consolidated presence of 25 years in the B2B telecommunications sector in Italy, Professional Link (PLINK) today expands its offer of telecommunications services and connectivity, voice and cloud solutions to include cybersecurity.

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Shop in A Bag: an ecosystem of connectivity services for retail

Editorial staff 15-05-2023

Professional Link (PLINK), an Italian company with a national license for telephone, data communication and cloud services, adds Shop in A Bag to its portfolio of services. This includes everything the retail world needs in a single solution.

Using Shop in a Bag services, stores can be operational in record time. This is possible in 180 countries around the world, and in each case PLINK remains the customer’s only landmark.



Watch the interview to our CEO

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Sulle tracce di Adriano (Hadrian’s footsteps)

“The virtuous circle of happiness in the company”

By Riccardo Taverna 28-02-2022

Andrea Ferlin talks about his idea of human enterprise

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Sulle tracce di Adriano (Hadrian’s footsteps)

Vittoria Perletti meets Andrea Ferlin

By Riccardo Taverna 15-07-2022

Sulle tracce di Adriano - Vittoria Perletti incontra Andrea Ferlin“We want to achieve the best alignment between life inside and outside the company, since life is always life, and time is always valuable.” Andrea Ferlin.

These words are from Andrea Ferlin, entrepreneur and sole director of Professional Link, a B2B telecommunications company based in Cermenate (Como). In particular, Andrea wants to create an innovative company in all respects, combining profit with well-being and people enhancement.

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Icona has chosen Professional Link

The Professional Link company is a member of Quinto Ampliamento and part of the Walls Down Community.This is a company active in innovation, environmental development and social impact.

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