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Today it is essential to have a data infrastructure that offers quality and failure response. That’s why we created PLINK Super Cloud.


Principe di San Daniele

Principe di San Daniele S.p.a. was born in 1945, when Stefano Dukcevich arrived in Trieste from Croatia to save his family from Tito’s government. From a small family workshop, Principe di San Daniele soon became a large company with plants in Italy and abroad.

Principe products (Prague, Parma and San Daniele ham) are synonymous with high quality. Ancient production recipes ensure a unique taste.

Principe di San Daniele - Case History - Professional Link

The challenges of Principe di San Daniele

For over 77 years, the company has been careful to meet the needs of the market and its consumers, finding the right combination of innovation and tradition. Quality is fundamental for the company, which offers products designed for the well-being of the consumer and the environment. Moreover, Principe di San Daniele is closely linked to the territory in which it operates, which is vast and articulated. This entails the need to connect all its Italian offices to each other in an efficient and integrated manner.

Since 2014, Professional Link has been providing Principe with the answer to this need by supplying dedicated fiber circuits. In fact, each site is equipped with high-capacity redundant circuits with secondary circuits using differentiated technology and double interconnection equipment. This allows the company to obtain the maximum level of response to malfunctions of all kinds. On this solid infrastructure, Professional Link integrates a secure data connection (dual-way MPLS network, with two diversified links on each site) and IP voice between the sites and to the outside world, as well as a latest generation video meeting platform (including hardware) with dedicated bandwidth. Each architecture has been created in a unique way, adapting it to the specific characteristics of each single location. They have been updated over the years with the latest circuits and enhancements, to always guarantee the highest performance obtainable in the respective territories.

The results of our collaboration

Our collaboration has brought considerable advantages to Principe di San Daniele.

In terms of cost savings, PLINK eliminated recurring fees and call costs between the fixed network numbers of the offices. Moreover, the attention paid to the development of the optic fiber network has allowed us to supply lines at very low prices compared to the recent past.
Regarding security, the integration of the systems guarantees, in the event of a failure, the restoration of normal operation at each group site. Similarly, even in the event of a drop in connectivity, the offices will always be reachable and able to make calls. Therefore, Professional Link supports the growth and efficiency of the company that produces one of the best products in our country.