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Sponsorships and initiatives

Professional Link engages in sponsorships and initiatives for the surrounding community, with particular attention to the social good. In fact, we are constantly striving to merge our economic objectives with social and environmental ones. This is from a CSR perspective, i.e. sustainability, health protection and information correctness. Even indirectly, we make the decision to adopt an approach that considers our impact on the community that relates to us.
We implement all of this by encouraging a sustainable approach in the company, nurturing solid relationships with our stakeholders and through cultural, sporting and social responsibility sponsorships.

Artantide and the Arte Etica Movement

Professional Link sponsors, through the Artantide gallery in Verona, the Movimento Arte Etica. In fact, PLINK shares the belief that art, when expressed with a sense of social responsibility, has the power to act educationally on people’s way of life. Consequently, art can improve society.

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Our company sponsors initiatives such as the exhibition “Tintoretto – Pombo, maternity and passion” (2019), curated by Sandro Orlandi Stagl and Frederick Ilchman. At the Scuola Grande di San Rocco in Venice, for this exhibition the artist Jorge R. Pombo has revisited seven works by Tintoretto that depict moments in the life of the Virgin Mary. On this occasion, the paintings were placed alongside Tintoretto’s original works, creating a dialogue between Renaissance painting and contemporary art. During the exhibition’s opening days, PLINK organized a visit for all our colleagues. Our goal is to make sure that they are fully involved in our cultural activities.

sponsorizzazioni Artantide

Other sponsorships for Artantide and the Movimento Arte Etica:

  • The exhibition “The time of chimeras”, at the national pavilion of Cameroon at the 59th Venice International Art Biennale 2022
  • The exhibition “Futurism: Aesthetic Dynamism”, at the G. Bellini Civic Museum in Sarnico, in 2022.
  • The installation “Orizzonte degli eventi” by Matteo Mezzadri at the Magic Threshold, SEA S.p.A. at Malpensa airport in 2022
  • Cycle of seven exhibitions called “RE-Genesis”, at the Artantide headquarters in Verona, concluded in 2021 and repeated in 2022-2023 at the Diocesan Museum of Vicenza and the Civic Museum of Sarnico
  • The collective exhibition “The Journey: between Discovery and Truth” at the Diocesan Museum “Pietro G. Nonis” in Vicenza, in 2021
  • The exhibition “Alèm da Etica, a Arte Etica no diàlogo entre passado e futuro” in the Paranaense museum (MUPA), Brazil. The event came to life in 2020, in the context of the 14th International Biennial of Curitiba
  • The exhibition “Arteology, beyond ethics: ethical art in dialogue between past and future” at the Naturalistic Archaeological Museum of Vicenza in 2020. This, at the fourteenth International Biennial of Curitiba
sponsorizzazioni Virtus

ASD Virtus Basketball Cermenate

Professional Link has been, since 2020, the main sponsor of the first Cermenate basketball team, positioned in the C Gold series.

Virtus Cermenate is a basketball club with over 300 registered athletes and other minor sponsors. We launched the sponsorship at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, knowing the team would not have the opportunity to play due to the football season suspension. Despite this, we have chosen to support them anyway, as without such support the team’s future would not have been guaranteed. In addition, the possibility would have been lost for many young people to pursue a sports career centered on values such as collaboration and team spirit, which PLINK fully shares.

sponsorships and initiatives Antonio Castelnuovo

Antonio Castelnuovo Association

Professional Link provides a toll-free number for the Antonio Castelnuovo Association in Cermenate. The association operates in the Varese hospital and was created to promote research and treatment in the oncohaematological field (leukemia and blood cancer) and to raise awareness of bone marrow donation. Because we believe that good should be done solely for the benefit of the good itself, no advertising response was requested from Professional Link.

sponsorships and initiatives BikeUP


Since 2021, Professional Link has been the technical sponsor of BikeUP, the first international festival dedicated to e-bikes and one of the most important gatherings dedicated to sustainable mobility. Traditionally, the event lasts several days and takes place outdoors in Bergamo and Turin, each year attracting 30,000 visitors and garnering 165 newspaper articles.
PLINK provides mobile connectivity to the stands and operators of the event, contributing to the success of the event thanks to its mobile telephony services.