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Connections beyond connectivity

Thanks to the conformation of its network, PLINK can provide connectivity throughout the national territory. This guarantees total diversity on the circuits, from the Internet interconnection to the data center to the customer’s premises.


Always one step ahead

Topcon is a Japanese-American multinational company founded in 1932, which operates in the sectors of Positioning, using high-precision GNSS positioning technology for automation in civil engineering and agriculture, and in Eye Care, offering advanced solutions in ophthalmology. Topcon is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Topcon  - case history Professional link

The challenges of Topcon Agriculture

In a few years, the world population will reach 9 billion people. We will need more services, as well as more food. Topcon Agriculture’s mission is to meet these needs with innovative and sustainable solutions. But to do so, it needs a highly fault-responsive Internet connection that guarantees high bandwidth and reliability performance.

Professional Link has interpreted the need of Topcon Agriculture, in particular for its headquarters in Concordia sulla Secchia (MO), creating an architecture based on two links, delivered with different technologies and pertaining to distinct interconnection nodes. The main link consists of a dedicated optic fiber line, built with Fiber-To-The-Building technology and a 99% bandwidth guarantee. The secondary link was instead created with wireless technology. This technical solution, in addition to providing large bandwidth capacities, offers high failover management guarantees.

The service also provides a subnet of 8 static public IP addresses announced on the main link. These addresses are automatically available on the secondary link in the event of fiber failure. This makes published services always available and keeps your existing VPN active.

In addition to an Internet connection of the highest quality, Topcon Agriculture also needed a data connection between two sites in Concordia sulla Secchia (MO). We have therefore created an end-to-end connection in very high capacity dark optic fiber between the sites involved. This was done by laying a multi-fibre cable using existing pipes and, when this was not possible, by remote-controlled drilling in ex-novo pipes.

This solution makes it possible to connect two sites with 10Gbps capacity using a pair of fibres. The above remains active even in the event of breakdowns in the transport network or a section of the fiber.

The results of the collaboration between PLINK and Topcon Agriculture

At PLINK, we share Topcon’s belief that by working together, we can contribute to a healthy but growing world. By supporting this value, our companies have brought advantages for both parties: Topcon Agriculture can now communicate between distinct locations with stability, reliability and high transmission capacity, and Professional Link has confirmed its ability to effectively respond to the needs of an international customer.