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The development of our company has always gone hand in hand with the growth of our staff. This is an essential part of Professional Link’s DNA: we grow and evolve thanks to our team, thanks to the ideas and people’s skills. The human being is our primary value, therefore we intend to nurture his talents and protect his well-being. Hence, fill out the form and apply to work in Professional Link.

Professional Link does not follow the outdated business model that sees profit as the goal of its operation. Rather, we place our employees at the center of our actions.

Nonetheless, we decided to take a further step forward, focusing on humanity.

This because those who put the employee at the center of their business are left with just a worker, while those who put humanity at the center will have accomplished people.

We do not intend to operate according to a logic which rewards the collaborator so that he can raise his quality of life outside the company. On the contrary, we make sure that the time spent inside PLINK has the same value and the same quality as the time spent outside of it.

We know how important it is to find a work environment that gives you the opportunity to grow and develop professionally, benefiting from continuous training. We do this through a wide range of initiatives dedicated to our collaborators, the most important of which is the Eulero Project.

Within PLINK, we are committed to creating a work environment characterized by a non-hierarchical and collaborative organizational culture. That, in order to foster creativity, sense of responsibility, knowledge sharing and the active participation of each team member.

Send us your CV with the online application form. We will evaluate your skills and experience according to our business needs. Apply to Professional Link and build your professional future with us.

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