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Connections beyond connectivity

AMBRA is PLINK’s cloud storage and backup service, capable of providing disaster recovery solutions at the highest levels. It is customizable and has recovery points sized to the needs of every business.

AMBRA guarantees interoperability between systems thanks to the adoption of a collaborative management model, that’s why Castles Technology choose it.

Castles Technology

Leader in payment terminals

Castles Technology is a leading developer of electronic payment systems.

Since its establishment in 1993, Castles Technology has been a world leader in the production of cutting-edge solutions for payments in the retail, hotelerie, hospitality and transport sectors. In fact, in its 25 years of history, the company has become the N°1 manufacturer in terms of innovation. With more than 550 employees worldwide and more than 64 countries served, it is one of the fastest growing companies in its sector.

CASE HISTORY Castles Technology PLINK

The challenges of Castles Technology

Based in Taipei, Castles Technology has established its European Headquarters in Milan, Italy. Our collaboration began on this occasion.

Given its business sector, the company’s requirement was to have a connectivity and voice system at the highest levels of efficiency and reliability. Therefore, we have created a broadband line for Internet and digital voice, an IP voice system and a 3CX® PRO IP telephone exchange, capable of providing advanced telephony functions and last generation Computer Telephony Integration. In addition, Professional Link also provides Castles Technology with IoT SIMs for its payment systems, cloud services and many other products.

All these elements are part of a single ecosystem, in which different solutions are integrated with each other. Thus, the company can rely on a single support team that provides customized solutions and responds to its specific requirements.

The results of our collaboration

The collaboration with Castles Technology allowed us to create an IP voice system that has eliminated the recurring fees associated with the company’s previous telephone lines, ensuring them considerable cost savings.
Furthermore, the integration of the voice on the VoIP circuit guarantees an instant backup of Internet browsing and of all calls in the event of a breakdown or malfunction of the EVDSL line. Therefore, even in the event of a drop in connectivity, the company is always able to make calls and can be reached on its historical numbers. This helps the company to maintain its operational efficiency at the highest level.