Mobile telephony

High quality standards and complete integration between computers and mobile phones for our business customers

Professional Link is a telecommunications operator with a national license for the provision of mobile telephony, data and cloud services through its own infrastructure distributed across the main nodes on the italian territory.

Thanks to our telematic infrastructure, we provide geographical numbers in all Italian districts and carry out portability from all interconnected operators.

Professional Link holds a Vodafone MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) license; therefore, we provide mobile phone and data services by exploiting the qualities of a network made up of over 19,000 access points serving over 23 million users.

Thanks to the agreement with Vodafone, we have one of the most solid and widespread mobile networks in the world, accessible in over 200 countries and with more than 500 operators.

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Why PLINK became MVNO

In a sector that is characterized by large and sudden changes, PLINK is focused on designing and activating innovative telecommunications services.

Among the objectives of this research is not only to expand the range of services Professional Link offers its customers, but also to create the conditions for integrating the services into a single platform, communicating with each other, and fueling the digital ecosystem which has always been the hallmark of Professional Link.

From this perspective, the acquisition of the license as a mobile telephony operator has allowed PLINK to complete its range of telecommunications services.

PLINK’s mobile telephony offer

PLINK’s offer is based on 4 essential pillars:

  1. The value that PLINK places on its customers
  2. Trust: with clear and simple offers
  3. The value of the solution, which is suitable for every business need
  4. Our team: we assist our customers at all times, even after the first activation, aligning the offers to their needs as times change

Mobile telephony profiles

PLINK Mobile Italy

  • Unlimited minutes in Italy (fair usage & roaming like at home)
  • 50GB of Internet data traffic in Italy (+ 30GB in the EU)
  • 30 SMS to Italy

PLINK Mobile Europe

  • Unlimited minutes in Italy (fair usage & roaming like at home)
  • 150GB of Internet data traffic in Italy (+ 50GB in the EU)
  • 50 SMS in Italy
  • 500 minutes in the EU (calls originating in the EU and destined for an EU country, including Switzerland and the UK)

PLINK Mobile 50

  • 50GB of Internet traffic in Italy


  • 100 minutes/month of calls to Italy
  • 1GB of Internet traffic in Italy
  • 200 SMS/month in Italy

Each bundle is built clearly

  • What is included and what is excluded is precisely defined
  • A clear price list is provided for extras not included
  • It is always possible to upgrade the bundle (at no cost) to adapt the solution to your needs

In case your credit runs out, you can proceed with any top-ups using a safe and easy-to-use system.
Having a specific arrangement of tariffs, price lists, and charging methods, the client company can guarantee a professional and always active mobile telephone service to all its users.

The offers also include operational rental of the mobile device as an option. Professional Link offers different kinds of Android and iOS smartphones to satisfy all user profiles.

Mobile telephony frequently asked questions

How does an MVNO work?

An MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) is a mobile operator that uses the frequency and tower infrastructure of an MNO (Mobile Network Operator), not having one on its own.

It is defined as “virtual” precisely because, although it does not have its own network, it provides all the services provided by a mobile operator, directly and autonomously.

An MVNO has dedicated numbering ranges, proprietary SIMs and governs mobile phone services in total autonomy (number assignment, SIM activation and deactivation, suspension and reactivation when required, number portability to and from other mobile operators). It is therefore recognized as a mobile operator both at a technical level (by other operators) and at an institutional level (by the relevant bodies, such as the Ministry and AGCOM).

What does roaming mean? How is the total price of a call calculated?

PLINK mobile telephony is regulated by two parameters:

  1. The area from which the call originated
  2. The destination area of the call

Our bundles include services that are always defined according to these two parameters. The Italy bundle, for example, includes unlimited minutes from ITA/EU to ITA. This means that calling from Italy or a country included in the EU list to Italy does not result in any additional costs.

Roaming, on the other hand, occurs when your SIM connects to another operator’s network. This especially happens when you travel abroad. For example, a PLINK SIM will be roaming if you travel to France, and you will be able to make calls as if you were in Italy to the destinations included in the bundle. For example, with the Europe bundle it will be possible to make calls from ITA/EU to Italy but also from ITA/EU to EU without additional costs.

In all cases not included in the bundle, the call will be counted taking into account the country of origin of the call for the roaming component and the country of destination for the call delivery component.

What does “Roaming Like At Home” and “Fair Usage” mean?

It is possible for Customers to roam internationally in the EU member countries as well as in Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway (EU International Roaming), under the conditions of their national profile, in the context of occasional trips (like at home roaming).
With all the available profiles it is possible to use voice, SMS and internet traffic while roaming in EU countries. In particular, voice traffic can be used from the country you are in to all the countries included in the bundle and Italy. Incoming calls are not billed (as in Italy). The countries other than Italy in which the “roam like at home” option is valid are:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Gibraltar
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Latvia
  • Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Holland
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom
What happens when roaming Internet traffic runs out?

All profiles offered by Professional Link include a quota of Internet traffic that can be used for roaming outside Italy.
Upon reaching a first threshold of 80% of the traffic included, the user is notified by SMS.
After using up the internet traffic included in the bundles, the user can call and navigate according to the price list for traffic not included in the bundles.
The user has the right to top up in order to increase the extra bundle credit at any time.

How to manage SIMs?

By accessing our portal with the credentials provided when signing the contract you can view all your SIMs and manage them.
For example, you can upgrade the bundle and view the data and traffic carried out by each SIM, or top up your credit.

Is there a charge for the services included in the bundle?

The services included in the bundle are invoiced on a monthly or bimonthly basis depending on the preliminary agreement.

How to pay for services not included in the bundle?

The extra bundle services you use erode the credit on your top-up card.

How to manage SIM credit?

You can transfer your remaining credit to your new PLINK SIM. Furthermore, to avoid running out of credit for each SIM, you can, upon activation, enter a variable credit amount which will be loaded onto the SIM and can be used to pay for all extra bundle services. If the extra credit runs out during the month, it is always possible to top up the remaining credit through our portal

What to do if you run out of minutes or Internet traffic during the month?

All services are monitored with consumption thresholds of 80% and a warning of exceeding the threshold is sent via SMS (the user is notified when he has consumed 80% of what is included in the bundle). A further warning is sent via SMS when the credit is completely exhausted.

For all profiles, in the event of exhaustion of the resources included in the bundle or in its top-up, voice traffic is charged on the remaining credit according to the reference price list and until it is exhausted. The same principle also applies to the exhaustion of data traffic, both in Italy and abroad. Therefore, no connection speed limitation policy will be implemented. It is always possible to proceed with a top-up of the remaining credit.

What is Number Portability and how is it managed? Will I lose my number when I switch to PLINK? Is there any risk of disruption?

Number portability is the procedure thanks to which the number of a user managed by one operator can be transferred to another operator.
The procedure can be activated by all operators registered with the Ministry and equipped with a regular license. PLINK is able to carry out portability from all mobile operators currently active on the national territory.

Normally there are no disruptions because the operation is managed safely and without interruptions. Small problems may rarely occur, mostly attributable to some delay in the propagation of information on the network infrastructures of the various operators. These rare delays are usually resolved quickly.

What happens to my remaining credit when I switch to PLINK?

The remaining credit is not lost, but is transferred to PLINK which manages it on the SIM. However, it is possible that some transferring operators retain €1.50 as compensation for portability operations.

What happens if the SIM is damaged, lost or stolen?

If you lose your SIM, damage it or it is stolen, we will provide you with a new one at a cost of €10.00.

In the event of theft you are required to promptly call our customer service on +39 031778912 or directly access our portal cand block the SIM as quickly as possible. You will then be provided with a replacement SIM at a cost of €10.00.

What happens if I request SIMs and do not activate/associate them with a bundle?

If you request one or more SIMs and then do not activate them within 30 days on at least one bundle among those available, you will be billed €2.00/month for each inactive SIM until the activation of at least one of the bundles.
You have the option to return unactivated SIMs at any time.

What is “Roaming like at home” and how does it work?

When you travel to another EU country, you do not have to pay additional fees to use your mobile phone. In fact, so-called “Roaming” applies, which allows you to use your mobile phone at the national “roaming like at home” rate. Calls (to mobile and landlines), text messages (SMS) and data services are charged at national rates: for calls, SMS and data traffic you pay the same price as in your home country.

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