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Version 1.2, August 2020

Revision 2
Author Erica Spina
Approved by Andrea Ferlin

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Reason for revision Date
General revision 20/03/2023
General revision and addition of recipients 29/11/2021

1. Purpose of the Quality Policy

PLINK has the primary objective of constantly improving its services. This requires everyone’s involvement and participation and is based on the following points:

  1. A fundamental requirement of PLINK‘s Quality policy is attention to the Customer. All the activities carried out are aimed at satisfying the customer’s needs since this means respecting and giving importance to their expressed and/or implicit expectations.
  2. Ensure:
    • excellent performance, maximum promptness in the release times of the lines combined with the maniacal attention paid to the design phase, to the verification of the completeness of what has been created, consistency and cutting-edge technology
    • efficient and effective assistance for solving problems highlighted by customers
    • maximum flexibility to meet customer needs in the types of orders accepted
    • the continuous search for the best value for money
  1. The broadest involvement of all PLINK personnel is an essential element to guarantee the continuous improvement of the services offered.
  2. The activities envisaged by the Quality Management System are the tool to effectively achieve this involvement and contribute to the improvement of performance.
  3. At any working moment, ideas and proposals for improvement must be formulated at all levels. Communication and teamwork are the basis of the Quality Management System.
  4. Quality is trying to do it right the first time. This involves planning and effort, but also a reduction in proofreading and redrawing and rework.
  5. The Management, starting from the needs of the customer and those of the market, annually defines the objectives and resources for quality.
  6. Suppliers are an essential part of our production chain and are constantly involved in the improvement program.
  7. The success of the Company requires the professional and cultural improvement of individual resources at all levels. Therefore, compatibly with work requirements, the identification of a precise and coherent Training Plan aimed at effective growth is envisaged. To these aspects are added, completing them, the definition of the context and the assessment of the risks.
  8. The Quality Management tool is used for the optimization and organization of the work activity in order to achieve a qualitatively better work environment for the entire workforce.

The principles set out above are ultimately not achievable once, but require constant work over time. This requires applying methods, maintaining consistency, and acting with the awareness that resolutions for improvement require the commitment of the whole group.

2. Recipients of the Quality Policy

This policy applies to PLINK employees and external subjects, collaborators and suppliers. This Policy is published on PLINK’s website to ensure everyone can read it, including employees and external people.