Professional Link

What we believe in


Technology conquers new goals at an ever-increasing pace and presents us with new challenges every day. In such a changing scenario, companies need agile, solid, simple and intelligent solutions, capable of adapting to the context. This in order to have not only the finest technology, but also the fastest, most reliable, scalable and reactive to failure. Professional Link is not just a telecommunications operator. It is an ecosystem based on a solid human and technological infrastructure created to answer these challenges. Therefore, our range of services is oriented towards humanization and digitization. That’s what we believe in.

PLINK’s challenge today is to continue its development without sacrificing adaptability for innovation. We intend to grow by providing effective and customized solutions that satisfy all customer needs.

in cosa crediamo - Vision

Main values

The values below are fundamental to everything we do and represent our core beliefs.

Professional Link Intuito


It is intuition that drives everyone to express their diversity, in order to enhance their ability to find applied innovation and solutions to the most complex problems.

Professional Link passione


Passion feeds motivation, cohesion around objectives and proactiveness. When passion is present, it creates a ripple effect of increased drive and ambition.

Professional Link Impegno


We believe in what we do and are passionate about achieving and exceeding our goals. Our commitment to excellence is unyielding, and we strive to reach higher every day.

Professional Link collaborazione


We are a team. The know-how of the individual is a collective heritage to be treasured. We can achieve more when we come together and share our experience and knowledge.

These values are the consequence of human relations’ centrality in PLINK. That’s what we believe in. Our professional skills are then grafted onto these values, which lead to:

Professional Link Innovazione


It stimulates us to venture into uncharted paths and to raise the bar of our limits higher and higher.

Professional Link adattabilità


We adapt to ever-changing scenarios, and offer ever-changing answers (technical and human), with professionalism and sensitivity.