With PLINK’s managed services you will no longer be alone.

Together with us you will have open doors to explore the unlimited opportunities

that technology offers.


Thanks to our telecommunication infrastructure, we are able to provide the most advanced device monitoring and management and our support team is constantly committed to maintain all services operational.
We operate our services with a MSP (Managed Service Provider) logic, providing our customers with both the telecommunication infrastructure and proactive management systems.

Today, for enterprises, this approach has numerous advantages:

  • management and troubleshooting times are dramatically reduced, technical support is provided as part of the service, with no additional cost
  • IT is possible to adopt a systematic and organic approach to the IT world (voice, data, security, cloud, equipment management)
  • recurring costs related to updating software, hardware and maintenance contracts are eliminated
  • Customers can always count on technical staff at the highest levels, constantly trained on current technologies.

Thanks to our monitoring platform we can manage:

  • data and voice lines
  • WAN/Voice devices (router, firewall, VOIP gateway, PBX on premise)
  • Other endpoints connected to your corporate LAN (IP phones, video conference systems, WiFi access points, network switches, cameras)
  • your servers in our AMBRA Cloud environment ,keeping them constantly updated
  • your data with our backup and disaster recovery platform, protecting data loss and ensuring fast restore
  • PLINK is able to anticipate renewals, updates and upgrades of your telecommunications infrastructure by guiding you in a continuous process of technology’s refresh.

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