Reliability, scalability, security and GDPR compliancy:

with AMBRA your data are safe,

they live, breathe and grow with you.


Today the world is more and more oriented towards digitalization; and data retention means ability to preserve our identity.
With a significant increase in digital data and information exchange, enterprises are forced to innovate and have to find a good balance between the need to be up to date and the risk of compromising their knowledge assets
In this scenario, taking advantage of new backup and data retention technologies has become a requirement.
New regulatory pressures require an adequate processing of the information in our hands and are a further push towards a sensible management of data archives, as well as the value they represent not only for us but for all humanity.
Professional Link has built for you AMBRA a real ecosystem of cloud services that can be adapted to your needs with flexibility, reliability and scalability; an integrated carrier grade platform capable of providing backup and disaster recovery solutions, using top quality standards, and with no compromise.

Your servers always online, secured and protected in reliable Tier 4 compliant datacenters.

AMBRA Storage
All the storage you want, when you want.
With AMBRA Storage you can forget about hardware / software maintenance and backup /restore management.

With AMBRA Backup your data is always secured, backed up in our redundant infrastructure, and with the DR Disaster Recovery option you can completely replicate your data center and have it available in a few minutes.

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