the VoIP and UCM solution

VIP is a VoIP and UCM solution that allows you to forget all the complications of telephone systems and focus on the business at hand.

The advantages of Cloud VoIP telephony systems for companies

VIP: Professional Link’s VoIP and UCM solution is a service dedicated to VoIP telephony, with advantageous features for companies.

Through VIP: the VoIP and UCM solution developed on our delocalized platform, PLINK is able to provide Voice over IP services to customers in Italy as well as abroad through a single, centralized infrastructure.

We guarantee communication services on the entire world network, especially for emergency services around the world. This is thanks to the finest virtual PBX switchboard for business. Moreover, we provide geographical numbers and Number Portability from other operators in Europe and abroad.

VIP: la soluzione VoIP e UCM

VIP, with its virtual cloud switchboard for companies, is the ideal tool for connecting individual offices or multi-branch systems both in Italy and abroad.

Here are the advantages of VIP: the VoIP and UCM solution. Thanks to our platform it is possible to:

  • Get business VoIP numbers
  • Get access to VoIP service on the go, with a virtual switchboard on your mobile phone or smartphone
  • Manage the organization’s offices as a single telephone entity thanks to the PBX business virtual switchboard
  • Make free calls between the company’s locations
  • Enjoy the best rates for public networks in all connected States
  • Make the most of advanced CTI services (web meeting, presence, mobility)
  • Integration with third-party platforms, software and management systems (CRM, call center management, control and automation systems)
  • Have a very powerful call analysis and monitoring platform available, queue management, waiting times, response times and missed calls

PLINK responds to your company’s connectivity and voice needs with VIP, a solution that is:

  • Lightweight: no devices to install
  • Simple: the system is overseen and managed by Professional Link
  • Scalable: VIP grows with you, with no upfront investment
  • Affordable: you always have the most competitive rates and are not obliged to expensive hardware and maintenance investments

Reduce costs with an on-premise or cloud PBX

Thanks to our collaboration with 3CX, we have engineered an open-standard software IP PBX that works with the most popular IP phones, VoIP Providers both on-premise and in the Cloud.

As a Unified Communications solution, VIP includes features such as video conferencing, presence status, softphones, VoIP apps for mobile devices, instant messaging, and more. All of this can be accomplished without the costs and management problems associated with traditional switchboards.

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