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Connections beyond connectivity

Camst and PLINK choose VIP solution: Now Camst can make calls at lower costs than before, from any device connected to the Internet, without the need for a dedicated telephone line. Voice over Internet Protocol also allows Camst to monitor the company’s phone activity.


Camst Group is a Benefit Cooperative Company. Founded in 1945 in Bologna, the company is today among the main players in Italy in the collective catering market (schools, companies, hospitals, nursing homes), also operating in commercial catering and banqueting for events. The company has also expanded its services to include facility management, specializing in industrial cleaning, maintenance, energy management, and contamination control.

Camst and PLINK

The challenges of Camst Group

Camst Group is a company with a presence throughout Italy and in various countries around the world. As a result of its constant expansion, it was necessary for it to undergo a digital transformation by modernizing its telecommunications infrastructure.

In particular, the need was to replace the traditional voice in use (ISDN and RTG technology now in disuse) with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) voice and improve the data connectivity of the offices, making them resilient to failure and renewing the general infrastructure according to a five-year overall improvement plan.

Professional Link, after passing a meticulous selection process organized by Camst group, provided the company with a reserved VoIP voice system and dedicated broadband and fiber optic data lines specifically designed for the specific needs of each location involved in the project.

Using Professional Link’s VIP VoIP technology, Camst Group’s growth is facilitated, allowing it to rationalize costs by adding new users and offices without having to install new telephone lines every time.

With VIP you also have greater resilience to service interruptions, flexibility in managing calls in the event of an emergency and the ability to integrate voice with other Internet-based services, such as video conferencing, instant messaging and file sharing.

The results of Camst and PLINK collaboration

Professional Link’s solution contributed to the important modernization plan of the Camst Group’s telecommunications infrastructure, simplifying its general development thanks to a reliable, resilient and cost effective service.

As of now, the project has been licensed, but further development is anticipated in the near future, with a view toward completing the digitalization of the Camst Group’s business operations.

Project numbers

  • Voice: 7 offices connected with VoIP voice
  • Data: 4 offices connected with dedicated broadband or optic fiber data lines

<<The collaboration with Professional Link strengthens our technological infrastructures, improving the performance and continuity of delivery of our service. More and more production units will be reached by new redundant, resistant and fault-proof systems, guaranteeing a more robust service.>>

Andrea Cobelli

Director of Information Systems, Camst Group, Camst Group