The pillars of virtualization

PLINK’s AMBRA cloud services are based on the virtualization platform of Vmware™. The numerous VM protection services offered by the Vsphere™ infrastructure guarantee level of protections of the services provided to the customers’ VMs, at the highest level available today. The technologies that are available (Snapshot™, Ha™, Vmotion™, Storage Vmotion™) provide a series of layers of protection at the Enterprise level. In addition, the partnership with Microsoft™ allows the supply of operating systems and Windows™ applications at competitive prices.

Solid and reliable backup

The AMBRA Cloud platform has an infrastructure of the provision Backup services of the running VMs. The choice of Veeamt™ Backup & Relication™ allows you to provide a backup service without the need to install agents on the VMs, therefore it integrates the VM performances even during Backup window. Veeam™ Backup & Relication™ software uses the technology of Vmware™ & Snapshot™ to perform the image and the copy of the VMs.

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