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In today’s world, telecommunications play more and more an important role. Our business depends on our ability to communicate and stay connected.

Every day, Technology brings new achievements and presents us with new challenges for the future. We often struggle to keep up with the times and undergo innovation rather than use it for our advantage

Sometimes it is difficult to understand the value of the solutions offered by the market and the way in which we depend on new technologies force us to ask for greater reliability and service availability.

IIn this situation companies more and more require solid and intelligent solutions, to have not only the best and fastest technology, but also the most reliable and  scalable platform; a platform that can provide services in a synergistic way to give answers to daily changing  needs :  a real ecosystem of services is wanted that breathes, grows, evolves… with you.

Professional Link is not just a telecommunications provider; it is an ecosystem based on a solid human and technological infrastructure created to give the answers to these daily challenges.

  • PLINK offers a telecommunications platform that integrates connectivity, voice, cloud and security services making them more flexible, efficient, secure, reliable and scalable;
  • PLINK offers backup solutions capable of quickly reacting to the most blocking failures;
  • PLINK offers voice solutions with proactive backup and high fault response;
  • PLINK offers data solutions using all available technologies (copper, fiber, radio, LTE / 4G, satellite) and real time backup systems /circuits with total path diversification for maximum reliability;
  • PLINK offers cloud services and Computer Telephony Integration solutions;
  • PLINK offers high skilled technical people who are able to respond to your needs and build the technological tools  you need to achieve your dreams.

The frontier of technological innovation is no more an illusion. When you work with us, the world opens its doors to you and to its unlimited  opportunities.

Professional Link

Your data are safe, they live, breath, grow with you.

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