With VIP you forget all the complexity of the voice systems.

and you can focus on your business.


VIP is PLINK’s VoIP service with unique features on the market.

Thanks to our cloud platform PLINK provides VoIP telephony services in Italy and abroad on a owned redundant infrastructure.

We guarantee communication services globally including emergency services in most countries
We can provide local geographical numbers and perform number portability with other operators in Italy and most of other countries.

With PLINK unified communication platform it is possible to:

  • manage your offices as a single telephone entity
  • call at no cost among locations connected to PLINK network
  • access to best PSTN toll rates
  • make use of the most of advanced CTI services (web meeting, presence, mobility)
  • make integration with third-party platforms
  • integrate with third-party software and management systems (CRM, call center management, control and automation systems)
  • benefit of a powerful platform for analyzing and monitoring calls, queue management, waiting time, response time, lost calls

VIP is the ideal tool for connecting single branches or multi-branch systems distributed nationally and/or abroad.

With VIP you can manage voice connectivity needs by adopting an efficient and low-cost solution which is:

  • Light: no device to be installed, means small impact on migration or deployment
  • Simple: no skills are required and the system is totally managed by PLINK
  • Scalable: It grows with you without initial investments
  • Low cost: access to best rates, no need to spend money hardware upgrades and maintenance contracts.

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