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With ML e PIU-JSIM services you are always on net, wherever you are.


Mobile networks have experienced extraordinary development in the recent past years.
Being able how to integrate telephony and data transmission services on terrestrial circuits with the best technologies on the 4G (and soon 5G) network, means strengthening your ability to keep up with the times.

The PIU-JSIM service
PLINK offers PIU-JSIM (Plink Internet Unplugged), a complete suite of 4G (and soon 5G) LTE connectivity services able to satisfy any need for integration between fixed and mobile telephony, between terrestrial and mobile data networks both in Italy in the EU area.

The PIU-JSIM service allows you to access internet without limits in Italy and Europe with the sam SIM, so you eliminate the roaming issues
Perfectly integrated with PLINK PSC ecosystem of services, PIU-JSIM offers redundancy and reliability ensuring quality and diversity on terrestrial circuits.
With PIU-JSIM mobility has no more limits, you can also us it as a backup of land lines, for locations where there is no wired infrastructure, for temporary services or quick activation which is common in some vertical segment like retail market.7
PIU-JSIM is available as standalone SIM or as a Pool Mode, where a basket of GB is shared among all participant SIMs. And if you need a Static IP, we have that option available for you.

MVNO – The ML (Mobile Link) service
PLINK has announced the launch of mobile telephony services .
Mobile telephony services integrated on PLINK’s TELCO service platform will be available within few months.
Thanks to ML PLINK, it adds and completes the full picture and can offer to its customers, all communication channels currently active in the TLC.

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