Versatility, security and global coverage.

With SASE, your branches have never been so close.

SASE (Secure Access Service Edge)

Are you a multi-site, multinational company with offices abroad? Businesses like yours are increasingly embracing digital transformation, driven by cloud applications.
Legacy solutions such as MPLS are no longer in tune with the new needs, as they are inflexible, non-scalable and quite expensive.
We know that the global availability of low-cost cloud and bandwidth applications has changed the approach to WAN design. The pandemic has also changed the rules of the game, increasing the number of smart-workers who require a high-performance virtual office.
In full compliance with local regulatory frameworks, Professional Link has implemented SASE (Secure Access Service Edge), a solution that projects you into the future guaranteeing optimized performance with low-latency connectivity, with over 75 global points of presence based on Cato Networks technology.


With SASE, the benefits you will enjoy are clean-cutted:

  • Basic security is included, but can also be upgraded as an option.
  • Support for roaming users (WIN, Mac, Android, IOS)
  • Optimized access to cloud providers (AWS, MS, O365, Salesforce etc.)
  • Integrated SDWAN solution (socket required)
  • Significant cost reduction
  • Fast delivery: We are talking about weeks, not months
  • 24/24 Support: Professional Link will coordinate local partners for on-site support, supply of circuits and equipment. Our SASE service is managed, not resold.

We know that words are just words … as long as they are not supported by facts.

This is why we want our customers to experience the solution firsthand, before making any choice. How? With a free pilot test performed on their real situation, so that they can test their applications directly.

SASE overview

  • Flexible: CPE installed on site or IPSEC VPN if the customer already has a suitable CPE on site
  • Managed/co-managed options
  • One Stop Shopping: if requested, PLINK can provide the local Internet circuit all over the world (and the related installation and delivery services)
  • Security: NGN FW, IPS, cloud managed anti-malware services, automatic anti-malware database updates, almost zero latency, no need to keep firewalls up to date with contracts
  • SD-WAN: managed CPE offers full SDWAN functionality (link aggregation, dynamic Qos, last mile monitoring etc.)
  • SD-WAN: Managed CPE offre funzionalità SDWAN complete (aggregazione di collegamenti, Qos dinamico, identità consapevole, monitoraggio dell’ultimo miglio)
  • VPN client: allows mobile users to benefit from cloud services
  • Interconnections with native cloud providers

In short, SASE is an innovative and robust solution, which exploits the partnership between Professional Link and Cato Networks to combine the advantages of MPLS and IPSEC solutions. The service offers great advantages in terms of security, coverage (global) and price (extremely competitive).

SASE is easy to implement and activate, flexible and free to test. What are you waiting for?

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