The extension of our services abroad

International connectivity

At PLINK we support our partners and customers in realizing global Internet connectivity with a single stop shop approach.
The expansion of public cloud services in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) mode and Software as a Service (SaaS) mode has led Internet connectivity to play a strategic and business critical role in the routing of corporate traffic, replacing the existing MPLS networks, now considered expensive and rigid.
Over the years we have acquired resources and skills in the field of international services and we have consolidated numerous partnerships with domestic and regional operators (globally) to ensure the best experience in the implementation and management of a geographically distributed solution.

Global coverage
Our coverage extends to more than 180 countries. We use local, regional and global Internet partners for each of them.
Our choice always falls on reliable and flexible operators with our same degree of attention to the customer needs. This allows us to provide not only connectivity, but also high quality services.


Our consolidated expertise, used to support international customers,
allows us to focus on your specific needs thanks to the support of our senior and technical staff.
In PLINK processes are efficient, the organization is lean and the equipment is available in-house, all resulting in optimized service realization timings.

Service managed by PLINK

All delivery activities are coordinated by a PLINK Project Manager, just as the equipment is managed and monitored by our Italian assurance team.
We have a service desk in Italy and we provide you with a monitoring portal to check service statistics.
As optional services, we can provide site surveys, procurement, shipping, installation, maintenance of customer equipment (eg SD-WAN) and Internal cabling.

Here’s what we can accomplish together

Our service can help you, as an underlay transport, in the implementation of your SD-WAN solutions on a global scale, or be the central element in the creation of a SASE network totally supplied and managed by PLINK. Furthermore, with our PIU (PLINK Internet Unplugged) LTE / 4G / 5G service we can provide you with Internet connectivity on mobile technology, which can be used as backup access and/or quick activation to support your unique needs.

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