PLINK is a telecommunications provider with Voice and Data License on the whole national territory.
In addition, PLINK will shortly acquire the MVNO license and can therefore also provide voice services on the mobile network.
We are able to provide the most advanced fixed and mobile data and voice telecommunication technologies, throughout the country and abroad.

We provide cutting-edge technological solutions that respond to the real needs of the person and improve the lives of our client companies, focusing our activity in the provision of highly reliable telecommunications services and fast response and remediation to failure.

Nowadays companies need solid, intelligent, reactive and proactive solutions to gain not only the best technology, but also the more reliable, scalable and reactive one, that is platforms able to provide services in a synergic way to give sharp answers to their daiy changing needs: we need e real ecosystem of services, which breathes, evolves, growths.. with you.

Professional Link is not only a telco provider: it’s an ecosystem based on a solid human and technological infrastructure built to give answers to these challenges we face everyday in the world of today.

Thanks to our services SME, as well as big corporates and multinational groups, can achieve the best solutions in telecommunication filed and they may count on our support team able to develop tailor made solutions in order to answer to your specific needs.

Thanks to our ecosystem of integrated services we can provide the wider offer of voice and data telecommunication services:
VOIP and UCM systems
Mobile telephony as MVNO
Data connectivity with all available technologies (fiber optic, xDSL, wireless radio, LTE/4G)
Cloud, backup and disaster recovery services
Managed services with monitoring and management integrated solutions
ISP/ASP services on our proprietary infrastructure

For all your needs in telecommunications, WE WILL EITHER FIND A WAY, OR OPEN A NEW ONE.

The best network. everywhere and how you like:
flexibility, reliability and security at the speed you need, with no pain.


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